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The Best Forex Brokers in Canada

A forex brokers Canada may be a website that connects clients with forex service providers. a web broker applies to varied areas of business, like financial stocks, insurance or land .

In the case of a Forex broker, the trade between these two parties is said to foreign currencies. Indeed, the currency exchange activity is mentioned as Forex (Foreign Exchange Market) in English. Forex is therefore a worldwide market, it’s also the most important financial market that exists so far .

Forex brokers accepting Canadian clients

Forex Brokers Minimum Deposit Support Rating Visit Site
1 Canada
C$ 200
Claim 50% Deposit Bonus
Most Popular Forex Brokers in Canada
fx choice Canada
C$ 200
Claim 15% Deposit Bonus
Top Forex Broker in Canada
Avatrade Canada
C$ 400
Claim $30 Deposit Bonus
Top rated Broker in Canada
Fortrade Canada
C$ 300
Claim 30% Deposit Bonus
Best Forex Broker in Canada
questrade Canada
$ 1000
Questrade is the Forex Broker in Canada


With this in mind it’s worth considering whether you want to choose a Canadian Forex broker based in your country (or in your state), or whether you want to expand your horizons and consider a broker that serves Canadian Forex traders while being based elsewhere.

The classification of the Canadian dollar (CAD) as one of the world’s major currencies has made Canadian Forex trading both accessible and understandable to traders at all skill levels and in all geographic locations. Still, it’s not enough to merely understand the market – it’s just as critical to have a Forex broker that offers the best trading conditions for Forex trading in Canadian dollars (and all currency pairs). Start by determining which pairs you’ll be trading. USD/CAD, also known as the “Loonie” is Canada’s most popular Forex pair, but our traders also watch others including CAD/JPY, CAD/CHF, EUR/CAD and AUD/CAD. Start by checking each broker to make sure it offers the pairs you want. Next, check the spreads of each of the top Canadian Forex brokers to compare their offerings and determine where you’ll pay the least commission.

You’ll also want to check each Canadian broker’s policy about swaps, rollovers a leverage, all of which will ensure that your trades will be executed exactly how you want them, and that your Canadian Forex experience will be as pleasant (and hopefully profitable as possible).

A Forex broker may be a virtual platform that acts as an intermediary, selling one or more currencies against a remuneration commission. The arrival on the web of this type of web sites has allowed a true democratization of FX trading.

Indeed, foreign currencies were originally traded by powerful players like prestigious clients, import and export companies, banks or multinational firms. Today, this foreign currency trading is accessible to all or any individuals through FX broker sites.

How to choose an honest forex broker?

There are variety of things that you simply should search for when choosing a forex broker. Below we highlight what makes an honest forex broker.

Forex Brokers Canada Regulations

One of the foremost important steps before investing your money is to form sure that a Forex broker is legal.

As the financial markets have grown significantly in recent years, Forex platforms have appeared in droves. stepping into foreign currency trading involves making (sometimes large) movements of cash on the online . it’s therefore essential to settle on from among the masses a site that’s accredited by a regulatory body and where the info passing through it’s protected.

Since the Forex market is decentralized, it are often far more susceptible to scams and fraudulent sites than other actions. it’s therefore essential to choose a legal forex broker which is regulated by a minimum of one financial authority. this may make sure that the broker is legitimate which your funds are in good hands. the foremost common regulations given to forex brokers Canada include CySEC, FCA, and ASIC.

The Financiers ensures that the brokerage company, French or foreign, provides its investors with access to a sufficient amount of data so as to be ready to make informed decisions.

Forex Brokers Canada Security

The security criterion is an unconditional applicable not only to Forex transactions, but also to any activity administered on the web . All trading platforms, without exception, require encryption of knowledge passing through the domain. The encryption of transactions meets the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) convention . To verify that the location is functioning consistent with SSL criteria, the URL must start with https: // and be preceded by a padlock icon.

The encryption of your data starts from the instant you log into your customer area, once you enter your personal password. From this moment, the knowledge is protected by SSL. Note that the encoding level is measured in bits, the minimum being 56 bits, the foremost reliable security level being 128 bits.

Forex Brokers Canada Trading platforms

It is crucial to settle on a forex broker with an intuitive platform that provides you access to all or any the trading tools you’ll got to place your trades.

Choose a user-friendly platform like eToro if you’re a beginner, or Avatrade if you’ve got more experience. Avatrade provides access to MT4 and MT5 forex platforms, ideal for advanced traders.

Easy payment methods and transactions

When choosing a forex platform, you want to take under consideration the means of payment offered by the broker. Here, several conditions are essential, the primary being access to legal and secure payment solutions so as to form your deposits and withdrawals of funds confidently .

In addition, confirm that transactions are administered easily and quickly. Below we’ve listed the foremost common payment methods on Forex trading sites:

  • Debit / credit cards: Visa, MasterCard or Maestro, for instance .
  • Electronic wallets (e-wallet): PayPal, Skrill, Neteller.
  • Bank transfers.
  • Note: Bank transfers are only offered by a couple of brokers. The fastest solution being electronic wallets, with immediate deposits and withdrawals within 24 hours.

You should also confirm that you simply are on the lookout for deposit or withdrawal fees. eToro, for instance , doesn’t charge a deposit fee, but withdrawals are subject to a  $ 5 fee.

Commissions and spreads

Each time you enter a trade, you’ll got to pay either the spread or a commission. confirm you select a broker with affordable spreads, in order that you’ll get the foremost out of your profits.

Also be bound to check out the spreads on the currency pairs you would like to trade. Typically, spreads start at 0.5 pips on major currency pairs like EURUSD.

Client service

The support offered to members of a forex platform is extremely important. this is often proof of the broker’s legitimacy.

How to judge customer service from a stock broker?

First of all, the platform must have knowledgeable English-speaking team, available through various means of contact (email, telephone, live chat, even Whatsapp or Skype)

Software and interface

The intuitiveness of the interface is an important criterion, especially for beginner traders. you want to be ready to perform your actions quickly and hassle-free, while having access to all or any information in real time.

Make sure the location offers marketing research curves, the power to ascertain live odds and costs .

Mobile trading

Being able to trade anywhere, anytime, this is often the simplest Forex brokers Canada 2020. There are two solutions for trading in portable version:

  • From an online browser via a transportable device.
  • Through a mobile application.
  • The broker of your choice should ideally be available on devices running Android, iOS and Windows. so as to make sure that the standard of navigation won’t be reduced on mobile, please make sure the platform’s website is running under HTML5 coding.

The reputation of the Forex broker

This element could also be obvious to some, or maybe pass the wayside when trying to find the simplest Forex brokers, yet it’s a key criterion. Indeed, the reputation of the Forex brokers Canada doesn’t lie on these services. study these strengths, read broker reviews, consult guides to seek out the simplest trading site, like ours, to urge professional reviews.

Forex Brokers Currency diversity

How to profit if the broker offers only a couple of foreign currencies? Your trading site must absolutely offer a good selection of:

Major currency pairs.

The major currency pairs constitute the most international currencies, that’s to mention the foremost developed at the international level. This category includes European, Japanese, Canadian and Australian currencies. a serious pair is effective when one among these currencies trades against a US dollar.

The pair of minor currencies , conversely, represent an exchange of secondary currency (outlined above) against another currency isn’t the US dollar. for instance , a JPY / CHF exchange may be a minor currency pair.

Leverage Forex Brokers Canada

If you’re looking to try to to leveraged forex trading, you’ll need a broker that gives the leverage that you simply are trying to find . Usually the utmost leverage on European forex brokers is 1:30, but some platforms may offer more if you’ve got knowledgeable account.

Conclusion: the simplest FX broker for 2020

Our advice: don’t rush once you want to open a forex account . Take some time ! Compare brokerage firms! Open demo accounts! You can also come and ask your questions on this or that broker in our forum dedicated to forex . you’ll even be ready to see reviews posted by people that have already got a forex account or demo account.

What is the best forex trading platform?

It depends on your trader profile. There are many who appreciate the MT4 platform, but this one is particularly austere for beginners. As we haven’t seen in this guide, on the other hand, Avatrade offers an intuitive and easy-to-learn trading platform, while also offering the features that experienced investors need.

Why should you choose a regulated forex brokers?

Choosing a regulated broker assures you that they are legally bound to follow rules regarding business practices and financial management. It is therefore essential to choose a regulated broker, to ensure that it is reliable and will remain so.

What is the minimum amount to deposit to open a forex broker account?

The amount needed to deposit to open an account varies depending on the broker, but is generally quite low. At Avatradefor example, this amount is 200 dollars. However, even if this amount is enough to start and practice, you will have to consider a deposit of around 1000 dollars to start hoping for interesting gains.

Does a forex broker provide training and advisory services?

It is not strictly speaking the job of the broker, but most online brokers do offer training content and analysis to help their clients navigate the forex. Avatrade goes even further, offering its clients to copy the positions of the best traders, for trading without unnecessary complications.

What are the costs of a forex brokers?

Most brokers, including Avatrade, do not charge any commission. The broker’s remuneration comes from the spread, the difference between the buying price and the selling price of a currency pair at an instant T. The spread applied to your favorite currency pairs is therefore a key element in the choice of an online broker.

Can we trade anything other than currencies with a forex brokers?

These days it is rare for an online broker to limit himself to forex. Most forex brokers Canada also offer trading in indices, commodities and even stocks. Some, including Avatrade, even offer you to buy cryptocurrency.

Are there any risks associated with forex trading?

Forex trading can be deemed a risky activity if one uses a high leverage. However, with appropriate risk management, the currency market is ultimately no more risky than any other, especially if you take the time to train.

Can we trade forex in the evening?

This is indeed one of the most interesting features of forex: The possibility of trading continuously, 24 hours a day and 5 days a week. The trading platform of your online broker will therefore be active at night, which allows you to practice forex trading in his spare time, while waiting to be able to make a full time job!